Deborah Coley, lead vocalist is a New Jersey born singer, and has performed in clubs on both the East and West Coasts. Our audiences are enthralled with her lead singing as well as with her stylistic vocal blending with the other singers.


Kevin McCarthy, bassist, is a 30 year veteran on the local music scene. Originally from New York, he has played in local bands The Lake Quintet, Rhythm on the Range, Dave & the Rockers, and Anchor Bay


Dave Luce, on drums is a veteran performer of over 20 years. He is a Berkeley native, and has played with such bands as Fat Chance, Upstarts, Fabulous Titans, Beachead and Al and Al.

In existence since 1994, we pride ourselves on loyalty to the original song. We play the versions of tunes that are familiar to everyone. The ability to combine our upbeat style while playing 60’s Motown with the same energy as contemporary 90’s makes us ideal for any crowd that likes to dance. We keep the young in the groove and the old in the mood. All our musicians have been professional performers for many years and come from many genres. This comes in handy when entertaining a mixed range of ages. With three lead vocalists in front of a solid rhythm section consisting of keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and a horn section, this is a well-balanced band. This combination not only creates a full sound but also allows flexibility to perform various styles in different arrangements.

Ecstatic clients agree, “This is a group of personable, talented professionals whose upbeat music will have everybody dancing.”

Check out our song list and our demos page to see what we play and hear how we play it.